Golden Mountains Company is an Iraqi company, started in March 2010 , working in many different branches of business. The company is a new name for our old companies. We collated all our activities in one company in order to be able to actively compete in the growing up market in Iraq. The head office of the company is located in Erbil, also we have two another offices one in Erbil and the other one in Suleimaniya city. The numbers of employees at the head office are 14 and in the other two offices are 11&17 respectively. Also we have hundreds of workers at the locations with temporary contracts according to the kind of the project. We have plans to employee 50 workers and employees for the Golden Mountains Car Center GMCC (the largest car center in Iraq). We decided to bootstrap ourselves to success. This has helped us keep in tune with what’s happening in the industry, moving quickly to leverage new opportunities and keenly focused on customer satisfaction. Our global partnership list will be expanded to include partners from, Sweden, Mexico, Germany and USA. The territory which the company’s activities cover is as mentioned above is Kurdistan region with populations of 6 million people. We have plans to expand the territories to cover all over Iraq.

Our Mission

To lead in building of the new Kurdistan and Iraq and to satisfy our customers, shareholders and employees by both creating a unity of tecnology, information and human resources within a creative organization and giving environment-friendly, reliable contracting services with high quality.

Our Business Vision

To be an international investing firm displaying the first preference of the customers, employees, shareholders and the society in order to rebuild globalizing world. The path we follow to achieve our mission and vision respectively starts with our organizational and human resources. Our investing company operates as an investor in Iraq, and carries out investment of business centers,car service centers, resedntal and housing complexes, hotels, and other such projects. The project management philosophy of the Golden Mountains Co. is based on autonomous manegement and central supervision. Each project is considered as an individual profit centre and our organization and management systems are improved continuously to enable stable strategic thinking, effective decision making polices, reduce work completion durations, decrease the costs to the minimum while increasing the quality. The "Goal Based Management" principle is fundamental at the Golden Mountains Co.. In addition to goals, the general and managerial competence of all our employees is measured and evaluated continuously by a performance measurement system. Thus, each employee is ensured for personel improvement in the areas of result oriented operation, effective use of resources, representation, compliance to company policies and regulations, responsibility understanding, visionary leadership, delegation and personnel training, strategic thinking, management, and motivation.

Mr. Handren A. Azzo


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Mr. Halgord A. Akrayi

Vice Chairman & CEO

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Our Mission
To lead in building of the new
Kurdistan and Iraq